Roberto Santiago Opens another Mall

Roberto Santiago is a renowned entrepreneur and investor who started his journey from the very bottom of the ladder. Unlike most entrepreneurs who start doing business from an early age, Roberto was not business oriented as he mostly fit in the art-related fields such as writing and sports. In fact, Roberto earned several trophies in sports and was even recognized as a top writer in children literature. Although he made some income from the sale of his books, he was not business oriented; he only wrote for fun. However, some years down the line, Roberto generated a huge income from his famous blog in which he advised people on how to overcome obstacles. He did not want to invest in business without prior knowledge in the field. Consequently, he enrolled in the Pio Marxist College and later the University Center in Joao Pessoa where he majored in Business Administration.

While Roberto was still in college and was confident that he had some background information on business, he started Café Santa Rosa. The café catered for the health needs of the customers by offering healthy alternatives instead of fast food. Consequently, many customers flocked the venture, and the profitability was overwhelming. Later, Roberto used the savings from the restaurant to start a manufacturing company that produced cardboards and other utility products. Roberto says that the venture helped him make more profits than he had handled in his entire lifetime. He used the savings to buy the land on which Manaira Shopping Mall stands. In just two years from the time he purchased the land, Roberto built and launched the Manaira Shopping Mall.

Manaira Vision

Roberto’s vision was to build a venture that would supply all the customers’ needs under one roof. The services he aspired to offer range from basic to tertiary needs of the individuals. True to his desire, the Manaira mall hosts food boutiques, schools, spas, casinos, theatres, colleges, banks, swimming facilities, among other businesses.

At the same time, Roberto desired to offer people fun and luxury that they could not access in other regions of Brazil. Roberto believes that the human body needs to be relaxed and pampered to be productive. Consequently, he desired to introduce people to the other side of fun and these are offered in the state-of-the-art fun facilities in the Manaira Shopping Mall.

Madeira Shopping Mall

The savings from Manaira are also currently being put into yet another state-of-the-art mall called the Madeira Shopping Mall. Roberto realized that the mall business is very profitable and decided to open another mall in the heart of Brazil. He says that Madeira will be more modern since it will be newer than Manaira by almost three decades.