An Insight on Marc Sparks’s Successful Business Career

Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Marc is based in Dallas. He outlines his success story to encourage those who seeks to follow a similar path as him. This article looks at Marc Sparks and how he has grown to be a successful businessman.

Being a serial entrepreneur, Marc did not invest in a single business, but involved himself with various investments. He began many businesses, but was mostly involved in telecommunication although he was also involved in other fields of businesses. Some of the other fields he has involved himself in include capital investments and real estate.
Being a venture capitalist, Marc has given capital to different businesses that have a potential for success. Most of the businesses Marc has invested in have grown to be successful. Some of the companies Marc has owned include:

Agency Matrix- Marc owned the company from 2006 to 2011. Through automation and user-friendly tools, the company provides business office solutions.

Blue Jay Wireless- Since 2012, Mark has maintained ownership of the company. Blue Jay Wireless is a prepaid telecommunication provider. The company is rooted in helping consumers with little to no income and those with credit problems.

Timber Creek Capital – Marc has owned the company since 2000 to date. Timber Creek Capital is a private equity firm whose aim is to offer entrepreneurial aid. Some of the fields the company is involved in include, office space, legal and accounting, capital, equipment, sales, graphic art, customer service knowledge, banking, and marketing.

Splash Media – Marc has owned the company since 2004 to date. Splash Media is one of the largest media marketing service providers. The company specialty is in SEM, SEO, programming, and video production.

Cobalt Real Estate Services – Marc has owned the company since 2009 to date. The company is based in Texas and offers commercial and multi-family residential property management and sales.

Some of the business tips Marc has attributed his success to include:
i)Always have faith and pride in the products and services you are providing to your clients.
ii)Keeping things simple and to the point.
iii)Before venturing into a business, you should have a business strategy in mind.
iv)You should stand out from your competitors by offering unique products and services to the public

Marc Sparks attributes his success to strong faith in God and maintaining a positive attitude during tough times. Following what Marc Sparks has shared with us in relation to his success in business, you should be headed for business success.