George Soros and Mega Donors Meet to Regain Strength Within Democratic Party

Many movers and shakers in the Democratic party on have begun the strategize how to retake power within the government. The Democracy Alliance (DA) 2016 Investment Conference, sponsored by the DA donor club, took place at Washington D.C.’s Mandarin Oriental hotel.

During the three-day event, discussions focused on regaining political strength. Wealthy liberals met to develop a plan to fight against Donald Trump. The agenda for the invitation-only event was packed with meetings and discussions.

Attendees included George Soros, DA President Gara LaMarche, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chair Keith Ellison, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, leaders of many unions, and more.

Hillary Clinton was backed by these groups including Soros and individuals who donated tens of millions of dollars. As of Aug. 15, 2016, records indicated that Soros was among 24 billionaires who gave at least $42.5 million to the Clinton campaign and three super PACs. These same donors gave millions to elect Democratic candidates nationally.

Soros and Peter Lewis founded the DA after the 2004 election. The two were joined by many mega-donors with the goal of establish advocacy groups and think tanks operating outside of the Democratic Party. The intent was to push the politicians and party further left while setting up defense strategies against the Republican right.

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The group now has over 100 members including finance giants, Donald Sussman, Tom Steyer, Soros, major labor unions and liberal foundations. The overall purpose is to feed at least $200,000 per year to targeted Democratic-based groups. In addition to donations, each member pays $30,000 in annual dues to maintain the DA staff and the meetings like the one that took place this past weekend.

Since the DA began steering donations on to groups vital to Democratic causes in 2005, they have donated more than $500 million. Three of these groups are the Center for American Progress, Catalist, and Media Matters.

On the last day of the event, Soros was the final featured speaker. The session moderator LaMarche said it was unlikely that Soros will make the comparison between Trump and Nazism.

He added, “I don’t think there is anyone who has looked at Trump, including respected conservatives, who doesn’t think the experience of authoritarian states would not be important to learn from here.” Additionally, there is something to be learned from Soros’ experience with xenophobia in Europe, Brexit, etc.

The focus of the conference went from, “Can Our Elections Be Hacked” before the election, to “Was the 2016 Election Hacked.” Soros and the other mega-donors have a difficult road to Democratic victories in the upcoming 2017 and 2018 elections. One goal is to retake Congress, and another is to circumvent Trump’s 100-day plan. They are gravely concerned at the disturbing assault on Obama’s achievements. See:

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