The True Value of Antiques

In a recent news article found in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Carolyn Grant explains what exactly makes an item an antique. We all know someone in our lives that is known for collecting, what some would call, junk. Is it junk, though? There has been an increase in the interest of finding rare antiques and collectibles within society as a whole. In most cities, you can’t walk down the street without seeing an antique store. With the new found interest, we must ask again, what makes an antique, an antique?

The actual definition of the word antique is, “a collectible object such as a piece of furniture or work of art that has high value because of its considerable age.” That definition by itself still leaves a few holes in finding out what exactly is an antique. For instance, how old does an item have to be to have “considerable age?” Well, according to the Antique HQ website, they clarify this for us even more. To them, an antique is an object of considerable age that has gained value because of its historical significance more than 100 years old.

One man who has seemed to master the collecting of antiques is, Michael Zomber. To be a bit more specific, he has been collecting antique arms and armor for more than forty years. He is not an everyday collector known locally, but he is also internationally known for his expertise on Japanese samurai swords. Michael Zomber’s aim is not to try and collect as many antique arms as he can, but to preserve the beauty that he finds in them.

Without knowing the answer to what makes an antique, Michael Zomber helps those who don’t know the industry begin to understand why he does what he does. He has used his expertise in the antique field to share his knowledge on shows like Tales of the Gun on the History Channel. Michael Zomber is more than a man who collects antique arms and armor; he is a natural storyteller who hopes that with what he shares, speaks to those wanting to learn about the history that surrounds us all.