Securus Develops an Application to Help In Simplifying Work for the Correctional Facilities Staff.

Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas-based company that offers unparalleled services in the inmate communication industry. The firm provides a broad variety of services that have a primary objective of making the world safe. These solutions include self-service for prisoners, examinations of products and services, incident management, biometric analysis, emergency response, and investigation. The operations of the firm are majorly in North America, and it currently serves about 3450 prisons and a total of 1.2 million inmates. The goal of Securus Technologies is to provide outstanding connection services.

The company has developed an exceptional software known as ConnectUs inmate Forms and Grievances that enhances the services of correctional facilities by making work easier, and therefore, saving a lot of time and money. Russell Robers, who is the company‚Äôs Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, thinks that the enterprise is very determined to be a dependable provider of updated technology solutions to the clients. In most of the United States’ correctional facilities, inmates make requests for services such as medical care and complaints through filing paper forms. It takes a lot of time for employees of the correctional facilities to prepare, supply, collect, and transfer information from the forms.

The new application has the capability of making forms that are customized to suit different requests from the inmates. Modifications can be easily rendered on the forms since they are not printed. The software has enabled the correctional sector to switch from use of papers to digital forms. Attending of requests is now simplified since the system is automated and it can serve an average of 13.8 applications per inmate each month. The ConnectUs Inmates Forms and Grievance software also favors the inmates since they can regularly check the status of their requests and it has been developed in different languages.

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